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Gen Kajitani Born Tokyo, Japan, 1935 | Admitted to bar, 1959, Japan

Gen Kajitani



  • Tokyo University (LL.B., 1957)
  • Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan (1959)
  • University of Michigan Law School (Graduate Course 1962~1963 M.C.L.)
  • Harvard Law School (Graduate Course 1963~64)


  • Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association (President, 1993~94)
  • Japan Federation of Bar Associations (Vice President 1993~94)
  • Vice Chairman, Central Commission of Labor Relations of Sea fearers (1995~1999)
  • Director, Japan American Law Society (1986~1999)
  • Councilor of International Bar Association (1993~99)
  • Justice of the Supreme Court of Japan (1999~2005)


Supreme Counsel of Kajitani Law Offices


Japanese and English.

Practice Areas

Corporate, Commercial, Bankruptcy ; Anti-Trust , Environment, Administration Laws. International Relations.